May 6, 2020

6 Signs You Need Central A/C Repair

6 Signs You Need Central A/C Repair

Are you wondering whether your air conditioning unit has stopped working or it’s all just in your head? So when do you know it’s time to bring in a professional repairman?

Here are six (6) signs that your central air conditioner needs repair.

Reduced Airflow

If you feel less cool air coming from your unit even when it’s on full blast, it’s an indication that there’s something wrong with your unit. It could be a faulty compressor or clogged ductwork. If you notice that your central A/C is producing reduced airflow, call your local contractor for an inspection.

Strange Sounds

If your air conditioner starts screaming, then it could only be a matter of time before your unit or a component fails. The culprit could be a belt that needs replacement or some components are on the verge of breaking down. Bring in your local technician to take a look at your system and perform the necessary repair.

Warm Air

You went home from work, sit down, expecting your A/C to give you the cool feeling you need. However, what you actually feel is a lukewarm and hot air. It could be an indication that the compressor has gone bad or the refrigerant levels are overly low. Get it repaired to avoid bigger problems.

Thermostat Problems

Another culprit behind a failing central air conditioner is a thermostat problem. You can tell if there’s something wrong with the thermostat if one part of the house is very cold while other parts are at the same temperature.

Foul Smells

If you smell musty or burning odor from your central A/C, it’s a good sign to call on a professional contractor. It could signal mold growth in the ductwork or there’s a burnt insulation wire. Serious problems like unusual odors need professional help.


Leaks from your air conditioner might mean refrigerant leak which can be harmful to you and your family. If it’s water leakage, it is likely that the drain tube becomes clogged.  Though not a serious issue, when left ignored, it can escalate to bigger problems.

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