Air Filter Replacement

Is Replacing Your A/C Filter
Really Necessary?

Do you want to enjoy optimum comfort without breaking the bank? Of course, you do! Replacing your air conditioner filters regularly is the most basic yet important maintenance task you shouldn’t ignore. Many homeowners fail to check and change their filters as they also think it’s an additional unnecessary expense to their budget. What they don’t realize is—it can cost them more.

When the filter is filled with dust and mold, it can put a damper to your comfort and pose health hazards to you. These harmful particles will circulate in your home which you and your family are breathing in.

A/C air filter

Fast & Efficient Air Filter Replacement Service

At Encore Mechanical, our team ensures you get the right comfort and big savings. This is why our experts make sure that the right size and best filters are properly placed on your unit. We provide a hassle-free and professional air filter replacement service.

It’s time to breathe easy—Request a service today!