October 10, 2020

Common HVAC Problems During the Holidays

HVAC common problem

Winter is supposed to be a fun-filled season with your loved ones, but what if your furnace suddenly stopped working? Don’t let your heating system spoil the winter-wonderland-feeling. Knowing the source of the problem is one way to prevent this situation from happening.

Here are the common HVAC issues that you have to watch out for:

Frozen Pipes

During the height of the winter, some components of your HVAC system, such as the coils and pipes prone to freezing. For instance, hydronic systems such as steam radiators and hot water heaters can stop working once the water becomes icy.  As the water freezes, it will expand, causing the coil or line to burst. Frozen pipes are something you shouldn’t take for granted.

Uneven Temperature

You expect your central HVAC system to provide even heat or cool in the entire home—but what if it doesn’t? This scenario is possible, especially if your comfort system [has dirty air filters, leaky duct system, and refrigerant issues. You may also want to check for holes and cracks around the doorway or windows.

Broken Thermostat

Your HVAC thermostat plays an important role in your overall comfort. But with a faulty thermostat, both your health and comfort can be compromised. With any issue concerning your thermostat, it’s best to consult an expert technician to identify and solve the problem.

Dirty Air Filters

With dirty air filters, your HVAC equipment may lose efficiency over time. The dust, dirt, and debris that accumulated in the filters can cause your system to operate less efficiently. Plus, you and your family can be prone to allergies and airborne respiratory diseases. This is why it’s necessary to replace your filters once a month or more often as possible.

Weird Noises

How can you sleep soundly if your furnace or A/C system is making weird or loud noises? When your comfort equipment produces banging, squealing, or rattling sounds, it’s an indication of an existing problem in your system.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

CO leaks are common HVAC problems that most homeowners don’t realize it’s there until it got worse. This problem is due to leaks from a cracked heat exchange. Inspecting the heater regularly and securing proper ventilation are effective ways to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Enjoy the holidays without worrying about your HVAC system by keeping up with preventive maintenance. Talk to our experts at Encore Mechanical for professional inspection and maintenance service in Tishomingo, OK.

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